Our activities are categorized by


  • Producing goods with different kinds and colors of yarns, fibers and wires

  • Producing braided sleeving and shields with different yarns, fibers and wires such as


  • Manufacturing specific products based on customers’ request


  • Counseling, designing and producing

This collection makes it possible to design with an experienced team and having modern machines can also produce products with highly flexible capabilities





  • Packing and Lablling 

    When necessary, cut pieces can be either coiled, spooled or bundled to meet any specific customer requirement. Coiling and spooling ensure the most efficient and space saving solution for storage and management of sleeving inventories. Material bundled in consistent quantities allows easy disbursement of cut pieces to assembly personnel in any production environment

  • Computer Controlled Cutting

    Computer controlled cutting equipment allows precise, repeatable cuts to any length at tight tolerances. We are equipped to cut any product, including heatshrink tubing. We even offer specialized cutting services for hard to cut products like Kevlar and Teflon sleeving. High speed equipment means fast turnaround, even on orders upwards of a million pieces. Database driven cutting information allows stored custom cutting requirements for any product or customer to be retrieved and executed quickly and economically

  • Packaging and Labeling

    Spools, coils or bundles of cut pieces can be labeled and packaged to specific customer specifications. Customer part numbers, inventory control barcodes and product logos are just some of the standard labeling options. Orders can be shipped in bulk or against a shipping schedule to ensure consistent






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