Omidbaft Company was established in 1999 with the purpose of reaching self-sufficiently in the area of producing different kinds of abrasion resistance shields to prevent the abrasion of different kinds of cables and hosesThese products are used with a wide variety of materials in demanding markets worldwide such as industrial, medical, automotive, military, aerospace and marine applications
During several years of constant effort of scientific researches and also taking advantage of domestic specialists, we have been able to meet the needs and solve the problems of different industries. Along with these efforts we have been trying to obtain the required licenses, certifications and approvals from eligible and credited domestic and international organizations

The series currently has two Factory located in Varamin and Kamard area of 9,000 square meters and is Factory a new site area of 5000 square meters as well


The ability of the complex according to Iran sanctions fail to installation of machines with new technology capabilities with the flexibility to produce products with special carbon fiber. Stainless steel and glass fiber is










According to local raw materials to the end product of all products produced in this series provided the opportunity to have a full line of products made of plastic (PA. PET. Polyester) and glass fiber (fiber) fabric cutting machine fully automated and equipped laboratory with experienced design team and engineering products within the shortest time possible is conducted













Production materials during the production process to the end of production, quality control of all production stages and by means of precise measurement data covering all process control


The active participation of the company in the omid baft co. International Trade

As the largest industrial and commercial exhibition event in this area each year, once in the presence of a large number of domestic and foreign companies will be held competent

The company omid baft  to add to the honor of the exhibition in Tehran and the city is open to clients of various industry experts met with great interest, the company hopes the exhibition of the latest achievements of the industry in a variety of anti-wear coating Fire and visitors and professionals were in sight, the introduction of new technologies, exchange information, assess target markets, the objective of the company is announced








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